Produced by Joe Kearns and Chris Ketley
Engineered and Mixed by Joe Kearns
Assisted by Andy Cook
Mastered by Naweed Ahmed
Recorded and Mixed at British Grove Studios
Mastered at Whitfield Mastering

Arranged by Chris Ketley, Joe Kearns and Ellie Goulding
Vocals and Guitar by Ellie Goulding
Piano by Chris Ketley
Violin by Izzy Judd
Cello by Caroline Dale
Programming by Joe Kearns

we are not easy, convenient
simple with ourselves
or with the lovers we have had.
we have grown up with anger
tucked under our sleeves.
we were always told
to shift the masks a little,
make them fit us better until
our faces start to grow into them.
we have been told to be gentle,
to use words which look soft
when they come out of our mouths.
we have been treated like deserts
and loved like buildings on fire, but
we were always a storm wrapped
around the hull of a sinking ship,
something no flames could touch.
we are learning to be undone,
to wipe off our fingerprints
when we leave each other’s rooms.
if we were uncomplicated
we wouldn’t be ourselves. —and if you loved me, i wouldn’t love you / r.s.k. (via nightcapades)


Smile For Him: Chapter Thirty

Ever since the day I met him, he’s picked me up from school. I barely know him. He takes me to places I’ve never seen before, and introduces me to people I never thought I would meet. I hate my rich school, and I hate my rich parents even more. But those few hours I get to spend with him are the best few hours of my day. And when he’s not around, I miss him. He’s not like all the other people I know, and perhaps that should scare me, but it doesn’t. He asked me to smile for him once. And when I did, I realise it was the first time I’d smiled in a while. - Harry.

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the most stressful post on this website

This gave me a headache…




Kitten rejected by mother and raised by golden retriever

I’m so happy for this little kitty

my old dog and cat did this, and when my dog died my cat turned feral because she was so depressed. it was heartbreaking

The Mother We Share out now:

The Bones Of What You Believe out now. Standard: | Special:



The 25 Best Tumblr Accounts for Book Nerds

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"You want to make good movies with good filmmakers. I think that’s the key to longevity. At least that’s what I’m gambling on, so hopefully it works out.


Mortal enemies.

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